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December 2020

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Christmas Lights in Ridglea North

A note from the RNNA Park & Green Spaces Director

While several of our events had to be canceled this year, many generous neighbors continued to give to our neighborhood to help keep our green spaces looking great. For our holiday light installation, the Parks & Green Spaces Committee organized a volunteer effort to coordinate purchasing and stringing lights in the park and by the entryway sign, as well as hanging wreaths on the sign and red bows throughout both areas. The neighbor response to this initiative was nothing short of inspiring! Thank you, Ridglea North neighbors, for your ongoing commitment to keeping our neighborhood beautiful and welcoming. ~Joe French, P&GS Director, and Michael Klein, Berney Park Christmas Lights Chair

2021 RNNA Board

Thank you for participating in our electronic voting for the 2021 RNNA Board. Please welcome these neighbors to the Board. 

President - Tyler Wright

Secretary - Suzie Jary

Treasurer - Michael Klein

VP Association Affairs - Chris Miller

VP Public Safety - Joe Slaieh

Director Moms Group - Audrey Glaser

Director Park & Green Spaces - Joe French

Director Events - Renee Mitcham

Director Neighbors - Lynn Newman

Past President - Andrea Deale

Christmas Lights Contest

Our neighbor Holiday Decorating Contest is back! This year's categories are Best Whimsical Lights, Best Traditional Lights, and - new this year - Most Festive Block. Winners will receive a prize and recognition in our newsletter and social media. To nominate a house or block, contact Yard of the Month Chair Travis Taylor by December 14.

No Soliciting Signs

sponsored by Chris Miller, Realtor

RNNA "No Soliciting, No Handbills" signs are back in stock! The signs are pre-assembled and made of sturdy aluminum with rounded corners. The cost is only $10 per sign thanks to the generous support of Chris Miller, Realtor. Click below to contact RNNA President Tyler Wright to place your order.

Purchase a No Soliciting Sign

Prevent Holiday Crime

’Tis the season to be jolly, but it is also the season to be wary of burglars, thieves, pickpockets and other holiday Grinches. Here are a few tips to prevent crime this holiday season:

  • Don’t openly display your Christmas gifts in the front window. It’s too tempting for a criminal to smash the window and grab the wrapped packages.
  • Criminals look for occupancy cues like outdoor lights burning all day or piled up newspapers and mail. Use an inexpensive light timer when you are away and ask trusted neighbors to pick up your newspapers and mail.
  • Don’t leave voicemail or automatic replies on email like, “We’re away skiing for the Christmas holidays.” Criminals love hearing that they have time to ransack your home.
  • Ask delivery services to place packages behind a plant or porch furniture so the packages are not visible. Better yet, ask a retired or work-from-home neighbor if you can have your packages delivered to their home.
  • Don’t pile empty boxes on the street for trash pick-up. Break the boxes down to conceal the items better.
  • Most importantly, if you see ANY suspicious activity or are a victim of a crime, call 911! This is FWPD’s preferred method for receiving reports of criminal or suspicious activity.

Interested in learning more? Contact RNNA VP of Public Safety Joe Slaieh for information about our RNNA Crime Watch program and crime-prevention training.

Yard of the Month

Congratulations to our Yard of the Month winner at 6237 Locke Ave. Thank you for keeping Ridglea North beautiful!

Join the Yard of the Month Committee

With so many beautiful yards in Ridglea North, we need help selecting winners! Committee members will work with the YOTM Chair, via email, to identify stand-out yards each month. Contact Committee Chair Travis Taylor if you would like to help.

Neighbor Spotlight: Andrea Deale

1) Tell us about yourself and your family. We both grew up in Houston, but fell in love with Fort Worth when we arrived at TCU in 1996. Go Frogs! We just celebrated our 20th anniversary in November, and have two teen daughters, Ellie and Penny, and a dachshund named Ollie. After two decades of traveling internationally in the field of cybersecurity, Gabe recently joined the team at Gozova, a start-up moving and storage company based here in Fort Worth. Andrea works at Covenant Classical School, where both of our daughters are students. We’ve been members at Christ Chapel for 20 years and Andrea and the girls serve in the youth music ministry every summer. Our entire family enjoys traveling together, and we’ve taken some amazing trips thanks to all of the airline miles and hotel points that Gabe accumulated over the years!

2) How long have you lived in Ridglea North? We’ve lived on Locke Avenue for almost seven years. We’ve loved the neighborhood since the time we were newlyweds when work friends invited us over to their home on Kenwick. After years of living in Keller, we wanted to move closer to the city, so we checked Ridglea North real estate listings every morning for a couple of months. We actually made an offer on our house the day it went on the market, despite the fact that it was in pretty rough shape and had raccoons living in the attic! (There were several times during the 10-day option period that we wondered if we’d lost our minds.) After going through several “phases” of remodeling, we’re so glad we took a chance on this home! Fun Fact: We learned that John Denver used to hang out at our house as a teenager.

3) What’s your favorite neighborhood activity or event? We can’t pick just one – in a non-2020 year, there are so many wonderful events put on by RNNA! We loved the Rock the Block events and look forward to attending those again. And the Ridglea North Garden Tour was so much fun. We also love Movies in the Park, the Ridglea North 5K and Cocoa and Caroling. Oh, and the July 4th Parade has been part of our annual tradition – this year’s drive-through event was a great way to keep the tradition going. We’re so fortunate to have a neighborhood association that works so hard to make this neighborhood such a special place. There really is something for everyone.

4) What’s your favorite thing to do in Fort Worth? Fort Worth has grown so much over the last 20 years, and it’s fun to get out and try it all. We love trying new restaurants and are always on the lookout for great lunch date spots and fun patios.

5) What’s your best advice on being a good neighbor? We once read about a neighborhood “tic-tac-toe” challenge that posed the question: “If your home was in the middle of a tic-tac-toe board, would you know the names of the neighbors in all the other squares?” It’s easy to pull into your garage or driveway and head straight inside. Life is busy. But taking the time to get to know your neighbors is always worth it. The truth is that you already have something in common – you live in the best neighborhood in town! Take a walk. Chat with the neighbors you see. Pull in a neighbor’s trash can on a rainy day. Like we’ve discovered, you’ll definitely find that Ridglea North neighbors are awesome. (Shout out to our amazing Locke and Fairfield neighbors, specifically!)

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