February 2023


Be on the lookout for the membership postcard! Ask your neighbors if they've joined. If they haven't, encourage them to do so. If you have a business, join as a business member too. If you work at a business nearby, encourage them to join as well. Individual memberships are only $25 per year; Business memberships are only $50 per year. 

If you're already a member, RENEW! And let us know where you can volunteer to make our neighborhood the best in Fort Worth.


Membership & Donation Drive

Stop by to renew your membership, signup for small group activities, and/or make a donation at our table in the park on Saturday, February 25, 4-6pm. Grab a cup of coffee and a cookie courtesy of Cookie Crumbelievable & Salter Bros. Coffee Roasters!


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Neighbor Spotlight: Lee & Leanna Johnson

  • Tell us about yourself and your family.

Lee is a VFX artist who works on several well-known television shows and I am a business owner. My business is Cookie Crumbelievable; I make decorated sugar cookies. Lee’s son, Rohan, is a junior at Trinity Valley School, and he’ll be attending Stanford University’s summer session this year. His goal is to become a robotic engineer and land rovers on Mars. Lee and Rohan are 5th and 6th generation Fort Worthians respectively. Lee and I both love to travel and we’ll all be going to Whistler, Canada soon! We have a 6 year old cat, Lumos, and a 16 month old mini-dachshund named Hetty. 

  • How long have you lived in Ridglea North?

We’re in the newly built modern house on Kenwick that you’ve probably seen. We bought our property in 2017. After several years of designing the house with Lee’s best friend, Jason, we broke ground in October 2020. The house was finished in May 2022 and we moved in Memorial Day weekend. So we’re new to living in the neighborhood, but not new, makes sense? :) 

  • What’s your favorite neighborhood activity or event?

We’ve enjoyed the 4th of July parade and celebrations, but mainly we just love walking around the park!

  • What your favorite thing to do in Fort Worth?

We both like the variety of restaurants Fort Worth offers, like Lucille’s, Jon’s Grille, and Lonesome Dove. When he can, Lee enjoys running along the river. My favorite things to do involve wherever I can take Hetty! 

  • What’s your best advice on being a good neighbor?

Be open, kind, and considerate. Look out for each other. If a neighbor’s sprinkler has busted, stop and let them know. I like to believe that you get back what you put out into the world. As Ridglea North’s new VP of Association Affairs, I hope to be a good neighbor to you all!

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To update your profile or pay your dues at any time, log in using your primary email address. You will receive email reminders as your membership renewal deadline approaches. Please follow the instructions in the emails to renew. If you prefer to pay with a check, please use our membership form

A huge thank you to Cookie Crumbelievable for sponsoring this month's newsletter.

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